Hearing the word Chennai always make me take notice because, a lot of what I am today was defined in that city.

The streets of Chennai witnessed my childhood, joys, sorrows, accomplishments, disappointments and daredevilry of my formative years. Seeing those same streets submerged under the flood waters was surreal.

The havoc caused by the floods to both Chennai and the other coastal area is estimated to result in $3 billion in losses.

In all the media coverage of the floods, the one thing which stood out was the humanity of the people of Chennai and the way they came together to help each other.

I’ve put together this gallery to showcase a few chennaivasis who were gracious enough to let me capture them in their space.

These visuals are my humble offering to the relief efforts organized by AID India. 100% of the proceeds from the sales from these galleries will go towards the AID Tamil Nadu Relief & Rehabilitation Fund.





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